I first started creating art on a computer in 1979. There weren’t many computer artists then, and very few that created art on personal computers, like the Apple II or the Amiga. I was embarrassed, and apologized because the pixels were huge and there were jaggies (stair-steps).

There are now computers with millions of colors and high resolution that I can purchase for much less than I paid for my Apple II, but the Apple II is my favorite computer. There were so many inspired moments when learning about my Apple II. Though many are now obvious and even cliché, I don't think most artists think about what algorithm created a specific filter or transition. I always do: that's half the fun. I have a certain type of curiosity that most artists don't because they didn't have to learn to program to create art. I know that if I had started using a Mac instead of an Apple II, I probably wouldn't have learned to program. There was really no need to understand the Mac: "The computer for the rest of us" was designed so you didn't have to know how a computer works. I am grateful that the Apple II was my first computer!

Huge Pixels: Art created on the Apple II using the Designer’s Tool Kit celebrates those huge pixels, WOW, they..is the first of two magazines about my artwork on the Apple II. It is created on premium paper and is full color. There are 27 artworks created on the Apple II.

The cost of the magazine is 12.00, which includes shipping.(The second one Huge Pixels: Creating animations on the Apple II will be available at the end of 2016.)




©Lucia Grossberger Morales 2015