Zoomers was my first series that took advantage of the new Designer’s Tool Kit’s new tools. I could take one pattern and duplicate it. Or take a pattern and flip it horizontally or vertically. Using the brush tool and combining the four colors, it looked like there were more than the four colors available. From the free form look of my first two projects, my work now had a new patterned look.


During this time I was listening to the Kraftwerk song, “My Home Computer”. The lyrics are, “I program my home computer. Beam myself into the future.” I felt I was beaming myself into a new visual world created out of data, pixels, algorithms, central processing units, binary language and extraordinarily fast microcircuits. I created images of kids immersed in a computer future. I named the kids Zoomers. I believed that they were the future, this would be technological revolution led by a generation of plugged in kits. Of course, at the time, I expected that it would be required for kids to learn the inner workings of the computer. I am disappointed that computer literacy is defined by proficiency in software programs rather than knowing about the computer itself. More on this later.


©Lucia Grossberger Morales 2015